Cybersecurity Consulting
and Advisory

Cybersecurity Consulting and Advisory Services

Security Risk Assessment helps to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities in the system. Our assessment will provide an overview of your system’s state by discovering its security weaknesses and addressing them early to save future costs from disruptions in the event of failed systems. These assessments will also allow risk management to be planned to mitigate adverse impacts from a security breach.


Security Posture Evaluation is a crucial step for a company to identify the quality of their security features and what is needed to strengthen its defences. Our evaluation allows your company to better plan your cybersecurity expenses to create a realistic cybersecurity roadmap.


Security Design Review helps determine if your system/product is designed to be secure and achieves security requirements indicated by several benchmarks and certifications.


Cybersecurity testing aims to appreciate how effective your cybersecurity programme/strategy is against a potential attack. Activities include identifying weaknesses followed by validating the organisation’s vulnerabilities and its effects. Our team of analysts hold multiple certifications and years of experience in discovering, investigating and remediating vulnerabilities.


Security Incident Assessment provides insights on past incidents to enhance current security features better to prevent relapses and provide efficient plans to react to incident occurrences.


Security Awareness and Training ensures that your staff are constantly trained on the best practices and security needs to ensure that your organisation’s security profile well maintained and security policies are being performed.

Cybersecurity Lifecycle:

Identify: Developing an organisation understanding in managing Cybersecurity risk to systems, people, assets, data, and capabilities.

Protect: Safeguards to ensure delivery of business functions and supports the ability to limit or contain the impact of a potential Cybersecurity event.

Detect: To enable the timely identification and discovery of a Cybersecurity Event.

Respond: To contain the impact of a potential Cybersecurity incident and/or to take action regarding a detected Cybersecurity incident.

Recover: Plans for resilience and restore any impaired capabilities or services due to a Cybersecurity incident. Supports timely recovery to normal operations to reduce the Cybersecurity incident impact.

Cybersecurity Testing:

Vulnerability Assessment
Companies have always misconceived that IT security can be quickly achieved by implementing security technologies, setting up a firewall, or installing anti-virus. However, companies might not know if their IT systems, firewall or anti-virus are protecting against the latest virus or malicious attacks without conducting vulnerabilities assessment. At our security, we help verify vulnerabilities and put safeguards to mitigate your cyber risks and review your system IT Security baseline.


Penetration Testing

In our security, we are specialised in penetration testing for both web and network. Web penetration testing is just one facet of having a comprehensive and secured IT Security posture. Network Penetration Testing is the process of exploiting vulnerabilities to uncover what information is exposed. Both penetration testing is essential as it prevents weaknesses in your IT Infrastructure from getting compromised.