Data Protection as
a Service

Data Protection as a Service

The importance of personal data is crucial to all companies. A company dealing and handling personal data should implement data protection policies and procedures to safeguard customer personal data and benefit the customer by gaining their trust. Our security does provide DP as A Service to other companies. DPO sourced from our security can perform the tasks described in the PDPA allowing your company to reach the desired compliance level. Our Security DP As A Service is an all-rounder data protection and privacy service that is limited to the tasks and responsibilities of the PDPA, and it includes a data protection annual plan to lay out the fundamental steps to achieve a desired level of compliance.

The DP services that we
can provide:

  • Full-year data protection advisory
  • Address essential DPO related responsibilities/tasks
  • Data Protection Awareness Training
  • Develop Data Protection policy
  • Round the clock incident response support

Our Benefits:

  • Expert support for PDPA compliance
  • Reduced cost of compliance
  • Wide range of services available
  • On-site stint allows proactive approach