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Best-in-class SaaS Cybersecurity Platform delivering a layered security solution to prevent user vulnerability​

SpamTitan Plus Phishing Protection​

Phishing is one of the most prevalent and successful techniques to infect an organization with malware. Employees advised not to click on URLs in unexpected emails still can’t seem to resist the temptation. Once clicked, these rogue URLs can lead to data breaches, malware, and other severe dangers.

Zero-day Threat intelligence not found in ANY other phishing product (Independently verified stats)

SpamTitan Plus has better phishing coverage, more phishing detections and defenses, faster phishing detection speeds, and the lowest false positive rate of any feed. 

Real-Time, Continuous Updates

SpamTitan Plus has better phishing coverage, more phishing detections and defenses, faster phishing detection speeds, and the lowest false positive rate of any feed. 

100% coverage of the current in-play phishing feeds, which we curate to improve their false positives.

Our phishing threat intelligence quickly and easily covers all of the top 200 brand-targeted phishing attacks from the last year. 

Predictive phishing detection

SpamTitan Plus anticipates and blocks phishing tactics, including customized URL attacks and bot-based phishing attempts.

Email Archiving Solution with ArcTitan

Office 365-integrated and automated email archiving solution with lightning-fast email search speeds, low-cost deployments, and simple installation. Our email archiving solution maintains a copy of each email in the email archive, thereby creating a repository for everyday usage. ArcTitan stores and provides easy access to any business-critical information sent or received over email. Your email data is available, mirrored, and safe at all times. comply with all business compliance obligations and conveniently manage archiving requests.

Office 365 Email Archive Solution

ArcTitan’s seamless Office365 connection simplifies email archiving. ArcTitan is the most cost-effective and time-efficient method for managing your organization’s email storage, which is a necessary function for compliance.

Lightening Fast Search and Retrieval

In a matter of seconds, quickly navigate through the cloud-based email archive service. Employees’ time efficiency is enhanced by on-demand access to their email. Search within the MS Outlook plugin without leaving Outlook.

A Simple to Use Email Archive Solution

ArcTitan facilitates simple configuration and access to email archives for both administrators and end users. Instantaneously locate and recover any archived email.

Secure and Perpetual

Email encryption gives 100% protection against data loss. All email is encrypted during transmission and storage.

SafeTitan Security Awareness Training

The only behaviour driven security awareness solution that delivers security training in real-time.

Behaviour Driven Security Awareness

Initiate security awareness training based on the unique characteristics of each employee.

Phishing Simulation

Simulated phishing attacks fully automated with thousands of templates. A repository of regularly updated phishing templates.

Security Awareness Training

Enhance your strongest defensive line. With a comprehensive library of training courses, videos, and quizzes, this system provides behavior-driven training for employees.


SafeTitan helps companies to comply with ISO, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, EU NIS, Cyber Essentials. SCORM compliant and LMS compatible.

WebTitan DNS Filter

WebTitan is an advanced web filter providing both protection from HTTP and HTTPS security threats as well as advanced DNS filtering control to businesses, MSP’s and schools globally.

Malware Blocking

Blocks Malware, Phishing, Viruses, Ransomware & Malicious Sites

Content Filtering

Business web filter eliminates malicious content at the source

Flexible Policies

Different considerations for different environments

Secure BYOD

Obligation for businesses to provide secure WiFi

EncryptTitan Email Encryption Solution

EncryptTitan is a full featured encryption system for MSPs & Enterprises that allows users to exchange information securely via email.  EncryptTitan provides organizations with the tools needed to adhere to state and federal privacy regulations while protecting their organization.

100% Cloud based

No on site hardware required. Send unlimited encrypted email using a secure solution. Ultimate scalability.

Data Loss Prevention

Prevent employees sharing unsecured data or employee misuse of email.


EncryptTitan assists users in meeting compliance requirements for the protection of sensitive, private data. Providing protection against data breach and avoiding hefty fines and penalties.

Environment Agnostic

In an increasingly hybrid world, EncryptTitan offers the ability to send encrypted email to all mail environments.

Email Security, Protection and Email Filtering

Email security blocking phishing, malware, spam, viruses and other malicious email threats. SpamTitan email protection solutions provides advanced yet easy to use email protection for your business. Microsoft 365 friendly.

Advanced Phishing Protection

SpamTitan email filtering solutions prevent whaling and spear phishing by scanning all inbound emails in real time

Advanced Threat Protection

SpamTitan’s ATP defense uses Inbuilt Bayesian auto learning and heuristics to defend against advanced threats and evolving cyberattack techniques.

Email Protection

SpamTitan advanced spam protection protects your business by blocking spam, viruses, malware, ransomware and links to malicious websites from your emails. Advanced GEO Blocking.

Protection from Zero Day Attacks

A secure solution for email needs the ability to anticipate new attacks using predictive technology